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Robyn Chaos (Therapy Sessions, Freak, Outbreak, Algorythm, Metalheadz)



Robyn Chaos is one of the most recognizable names in dark Drum and Bass, playing out regularly in Germany, France, Holland, UK, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Czech, Romania, The America’s, Japan, South America, Australia & New Zealand and everywhere in between. Firmly establishing herself over the last two decades as one of the main forces in the darkcore, leftfield Drum and Bass scene, not only as a skilled DJ, but as a Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer, Promoter, Agent, and all around general BadAss. She lives, breathes, eats…and when she does sleep, it’s all DnB, with a passion, pureness and honesty matched by very few.


As Creator and Managing Director of the dark enthusiasts DJ Agency, Anger Management, tending to the diaries of Artists such as Audio, The Panacea, Killbox,  Katharsys, Drumcorps, Counterstrike, Limewax, Donny, Fragz and more; She has been instrumental in nurturing the long term, successful careers of almost every major darkside Titan in today’s DnB World. Musically, Chaos has produced, written and sang as part of the infamous Faith in Chaos outfit (alongside ex partner in grime, Dylan) bringing the scene one of its most revolutionary, punk inspired vocal tracks, “Possession”, as well as Metalheadz anthem (and still a favourite track of Mr Goldicus), “Salvation”, as well as collaborations with Bkey,”The Suffering”, Audio, ”Rapture”, John Rolodex “The Way I Hurt You”, and collaborations/remixes with The Panacea and Counterstrike on “Thunderstatement”, Dkay & RawFull “I’ll Be There for You”, Technical Itch “No Longer Human” and more!


In 2015 Chaos started up Therapy Sessions Recordings, to bridge the void that was left from the departure of Freak / Obscene, supporting the experimental & darker side of DNB with both renown artists such as Counterstrike, The Sect and Audio as well as giving a platform to  up and coming, exciting new blood such as Hostage, Fortitude, DJ E and more! With an Album, two EPS and multiple tracks under it’s weighty belt, Robyn Chaos continues to push boundaries and, as always, dance to the beat of her own drum.


As the main organizer of “Therapy Sessions” Worldwide, Chaos personally oversees each and every event; working alongside local promotion teams/family on everything from line ups to flyer design. From its humble beginnings as an East End London midweek in 2003 (with sets from Bailey, Loxy, Ink, Keaton, Dylan, Trace and more!), Therapy rose to quickly become a major Dnb tour de force, slaying dance floors, promoting mosh pit madness, winning national awards, and infiltrating dozens of cities across the Globe as far as Sao Paulo, to Porto, Osaka, Paris, Aarau, Granada and more!


With 2018 marking 15 Years of Therapy Sessions, Robyn Chaos continues her endless loyalty to legions of Freaks and Freakettes..bringing together the dispossessed, the unspoken for, the unique souls an exceptional style all her own.




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