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Limewax (Freak, L/B, Position Chrome, PRSPCT)



From a young age, Ukrainian musician, DJ, and producer Maxim Anokhin aka Limewax, has proven himself a sonic pacesetter, harnessing the darker sounds of atmospheric dance as Limewax.

Limewax began composing music shortly after moving to Tilburg, Netherlands in 1999. At the age of seventeen, he released his first EP, Changing Crisis, on high-profile label Tech Itch Recordings in 2005. As a result, Limewax became notable for emerging into the electronic music industry at a young age, and quickly gained popularity leading to performances at Therapy Sessions events worldwide.

In addition to running his own LB Recordings, his uniquely-compelling acidic textures and frenetic breaks have been released on mainstay D’n'b labels including Freak Recordings, Tech Itch, PRSPCT, and Position Chrome.

You can find him on tour at most good events, and together with The Panacea for their common, live side-project: Goldberg Variations.





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