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Katharsys (Barcode, Future Sickness, Guerilla, Obscene)



Katharsys began in 2001 when Hugo, a pianist, and Tom, a sound technician, started producing their first drum and bass tracks. Their tech-heavy output is inspired by the dark grooves and demented beats of artists such as Tech Itch, Dylan, Kemal, Konflict, Photek and Ice Minus to name just a few. After countless hours of waveshaping and savage beat processing, the duo were ready to begin releasing in 2004.

They took their name, Katharsys, from the ancient greek word “catharsis”; a word which means ‘cleansing, purifying or purging’. Katharsys take a view of their work as purging emotion through through the cathartic journey of their sets, leaving audiences purged and satisfied. The main focus of the duo lies in creating intense walls of sound which provoke and challenge listeners and funnel their intensity into the electronic music they create.

Producing a range of DnB subgenres, you can expect anything from darkstep to neurofunk and hard DnB. Through their varied output, Katharsys has reached a number of renowned labels such as Habit (US),Guerilla (US), Barcode (UK), Sinuous (UK) and Obscene (UK). Their live schedule continues to get more busy, bringing their heaviness on a regular basis to parties Europe-wide.



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