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Fortitude (Therapy Sessions, Future Sickness, Automate, Mindocracy)


Deep in establishing and pushing his own sound, encompassing everything from ambient electronica and 80s pop melodies to hardcore, relentless beats and dark, textured, haunting soundscapes. Now a resident for Therapy Sessions in Europe and quickly breaking into the international scene with sets of savagery played in Poland, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Estonia, Lithuania and Holland, Fortitude is on a relentless mission to rock/terrify dancefloors wherever possible. When the lure of the studio calls he's pumping out solo tracks and collaborations for labels such as Therapy Sessions Recordings, Automate, Future Sickness, Industrial Strength, Tech Cycle and Critical Bass as well as releasing some bruuuuuuutal free music on he and Terror Cell's label Valley of The Crow.


You have been warned....

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