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eRRe (Prspct, Yellow Stripe, Nekrolog1k)


As a teenager in Seville, eRRe started to become passionate about music especially focusing on the darker side of the spectrum. Working alongside Kalashnikov / Vengeance on Raiden’s label Offkey, He started bringing his fusion of dark dnb, hardcore, and even deep half step to events everywhere from the UK, Lisbon, Belgium, Holland, Spain and beyond, and graced the stage of multiple Therapy Sessions in 2013. Within the last 18 months, his profile has exploded and his tracks have been released on labels such as Prspct, Union, Yellow Stripe, and Nekrolog1k with collaborations alongside artists Cooh, Sinister Souls, Hardlogik, Dub Elements, Loop Stepwalker and Peter Kurten.

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