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Drumcorps / Aaron Spectre (USA)



Aaron Spectre grew up in central Massachusetts suburbia, going to allages shows & playing drums in local bands, immersed in the area's burgeoning heavy music scene. Bands like Converge & Cave In were big influences.


Aaron got into electronic music while living in New York City, making Ambient, Drum & Bass, and Jungle music at local venues. Eventually he moved to Berlin and started playing shows all over Europe, coming up from squats to clubs to large festivals, building a devoted following in the process. He released a host of records to critical acclaim, and has since toured the world several times over.


Drumcorps is the merging of Aaron's roots in heavy guitar music with concise songwriting and a broad electronic sound palette. Aaron is available for Drumcorps Live sets or Jungle DJ sets. He currently lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland.

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