Dj Hidden & Eye D (Genosha 175, PRSPCT, TOA)



DJ Hidden has been producing electronic music for as long as he can remember. As a kid, he used to mess around with tape recorders and computers with less memory than your every day cell phone. Releasing his first tracks on vinyl, back in 1996, gave these experiments a sense of direction though. Encouraged by friends and family, he continued on this path and now, 16 years later, his music has been released on an impressive amount of records and CDs. Although his productions are usually classified as hardcore, drum n bass or idm, he prefers to just call them “dark music” and leaves it at that. Besides his DJ Hidden alias, he is also known as The Outside Agency (along with Eye-D), Semiomime, The E.L.F. Architect, Conspiracide, Louis Cyphre, The Ravenous and The Immobilizers (a collaboration between The Outside Agency and Mindustries).

In addition to his work as a DJ and a producer, Noël also runs the record labels Hidden Tracks, Genosha Recordings and its sub-label Genosha One Seven Five together with Eye-D, and Notochord Recordings together with Slacknote. Apart from these outputs, he has also released vinyl records and CDs on a large number of other labels including two full length albums as DJ Hidden, one as Semiomime and two as The Outside Agency.

As a sound designer, Noël contributes sound effects to the videogame industry and as a graphics designer he is responsible for a lot of the artwork of both his own releases and those of others.

Creativity is one of the most important parts of Noël’s life; the only thing he knows for certain is that he has no desire to ever give that up. The ability to make a living out of that which he loves doing is something he is very grateful for. Sharing it with the world has been an even more rewarding experience. The response of people everywhere is what really drives him to bring his work out into the open. It continuously causes a chain reaction of new thoughts and ideas that is unlikely to stop any time soon.

There is a bright dark future ahead.



Eye-D is a drum & bass/hardcore DJ/producer from the Netherlands. In the early 90s he started producing and playing hardcore as part of an outfit called ‘The Outside Agency’, but in 1998 his ever-present love for breakbeats resulted in the release of the first ‘Eye-D’ drum & bass record. 

Since then Eye-D has been one of the most successful names in Dutch drum & bass, with releases on seminal labels such as Citrus, Ruff-Teck, Evol Intent and his current mainstay PRSPCT Recordings. Eye-D has also been involved in numerous collaboration projects with the likes of DJ Hidden, SPL, Black Sun Empire, Noisia, Evol Intent and Counterstrike. Eye-D has released on a variety of international labels and has performed as a DJ all over the globe. In addition to his work and drum & bass, his hardcore project ‘The Outside Agency’ (which he makes up together with DJ Hidden) continues to be one of the most respected and influential forces in the world of underground hardcore. Naturally Eye-D’s background in hardcore often results in some unique flavouring in both his DJ sets and his tracks. 

Expect his sets to be hard-edged but still very effective on the dancefloor.