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Cooh (Position Chrome, L/B, PRSPCT)


Started playing bass guitar in a hardcore-metal band when at 16 and got involved with creating electronic music at the age of 18. Producing Drum And Bass for 12 years, he has more than 60 vinyl and more than 20 CD releases.

Together with Valery Sholevski (Ogonek) in 2001, he began intense promotion of DnB on the borders of Bulgaria and playing frequently in the busiest clubs in Sofia- mainly with the H.M.S.U. crew. As time passed by, his style improved significantly until finally he adopted the contemporary hard and dark drum and bass sound.

With a lot of hard work behind him, Cooh is now releasing for some of the most well known and most respected dark Drum and Bass labels, such as Position Chrome, PRSPCT, Subsistenz, LB, Obscene, Freak, Sinuous, Obsessions, Bass Rejects and more. His energetic tracks are often played by leading artists in the genre, such as The Panacea, Dylan, Limewax, Current Value, Ed Rush & Optical, Gein, Audio, BSE, Tech itch, Future Prophecies, Evol Intent, Counterstrike, Vengeanze,Proket, The Sect, Infiltrata, EBK, Broken Note and more.

He has also collaborated with many well-respected producers, including The Panacea, Counterstrike, Machine Code, Limewax, Current Value, Ogonek, Dean Rodell, The Outside Agency and many more…

Cooh has also been extensively touring for several years now, playing all over the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Columbia, France, Denmark, Swiss, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Poland, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Austria, Serbia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Romania; smashing dance floors globally with his powerful sound.

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