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ARC is an Electronica / Dance fusion duo made up of Tetsu Gomorrah and Charlie Howell. Musically, its sound heavily draws influences from the Underground Electronic, Trip Hop & Neo Soul scene, teaming sultry moody beats with vocals that get pulled through rich searing bass lines.

Tetsu Gomorrah manifests his influences, which span the genres of Drum and Bass, Techno, Electronic, Hip Hop and Bass, through his intricate working of dark synth styles and deep percussion. Originally from London, his eclectic background in music spans 20yrs of live performance Worldwide, touring and living in such musically inspiring places such as Los Angeles, Paris, Barcelona and now France.

Charlie Howell hails from a background engrossed in music. As a classically and jazz trained artist since an early age, this training discipline can be seen in his process of writing and style of production. He spent many years touring on the alternative and indie scene, which can be heard in both his solo work and with ARC, with his more upbeat and melodic themes bringing a slightly lighter side to the three prongs of the ARC sound.

"An Evening with Loss" is the debut album from this original outfit featuring guest vocalists such as Emma Wizz, Yamin Alma, Mestizo & Mordecai. A passion project, brimming with a myriad of influences and ideas, culture, sounds, thoughts...culminating in an exciting insight into the future evolution of their sound.

Together, ARC brings something completely fresh and unique to your ears, pulling you in and encompassing you like an ARC of soul, sound and vision...

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